belvédère quelquefois biaisé

because the world is how we see it

Coated Pine

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1/500s, f3.2, 200ISO, autoWB, 50mm p.

Life is okay when I’m inside. But today I am so sick of winter. Unlike yesterday’s light snow that fell gently, the temperature has dipped and the wind has picked up blowing the snow around the buildings in strange patterns. Shovelling is unpredictable, often bringing the snow back into my face as I try to move the snow out of the doorway and carport. The snow is building up in annoying places, in the leas of the buildings and too near my previously created paths. I’ve plugged in the tractor but dread going back outside. First I will add more wood to the fire. Then I’ll put on my ski goggles and two hats, my puffy coat and three pairs of pants, and T’s big boots. And hopefully I’ll make it back inside in one piece that is not too frozen.


Written by Dalila

February 8, 2015 at 1:07 pm

Posted in atthefarm

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