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Late Summer Strawbale Garden

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1/80s, f7.1, 400ISO, autoWB, 18mm.

My strawbale garden is now looking pretty lush, in parts of it. I’ve posted a bunch of photos on instagram, of the lush and not areas. The strawbale garden counteracts two of the negatives of this garden location: it is very sandy and lacks nutrients and has two black walnut trees growing near it.
The areas of the garden that got more sun dried out too fast, and the seeds that I planted there just didn’t sprout (I didn’t have my timer waterer set up at the beginning, and even when I did, the bales seemed to dry out too much on top for the seeds to establish).
Most of the seedlings that I planted into the bales did well (though a few died from uneven watering – that is, they were too dry). Despite purchasing eggplant and pepper seedlings from the store, I still don’t have peppers or eggplant growing. I guess they need more heat, and being up on the bales exposes them to more wind. Perhaps if they were planted between bales, they might do well (though it’s easy for the rodents to hide between bales). The kale is finally starting to look good (though the cabbage white caterpillars are still attacking them). The chard looks great and we’ve been eating some of it up. Some of the lettuce did come up and only a few have gone to seed. The late-planted zucchini are producing lots of great zucchini. Some of the basil has gotten downy mildew, even though this is not the same garden where it appeared on the leaves last year, and is not close to zucchini this year.

This morning the well that was watering the garden ran dry, so I decided to take photos to capture the garden while it looked good. Don’t forget to look at more photos of the garden on instagram!

Written by Dalila

August 25, 2019 at 12:50 pm

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